Relief Boot

Relief Boot


(NB. Poultice boot + Therapeutic hoof pad = Laminitis relief boot)
Laminitis is one of the most common causes of lameness and needs emergency veterinary treatment. The pain is often underestimated and it’s essential to make the horse or pony comfortable quickly, while they’re being cared for by the vet – and that’s where our relief boot comes in.

We designed the Relief Boot to alleviate the severe pain of Laminitis, but its clever cushioning means it’s also ideal for puncture wounds, bruised soles, abscesses and other foot injuries.
Whilst it doesn't claim to be a cure, it will allow the horse on box rest to be led out or turned out for short periods, helping to lessen the boredom.

To get the right size, measure across the width of the hoof.

We understand that in cases of Laminitis and injuries you need the boots fast, so everything is sent out the same day by First Class post if ordered before 12pm.

Don’t forget we sell vet wrap as well!

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