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Message: Hello I bought the therapeutic pad from your eBay store quite recently and I have to say that I am so pleased with it. I really wasn't expecting to be but I absolutely love the stability it gives the saddle I have on my older slightly sway-backed mare and the comfortable cushioning feel it gives me on board. I truly feel my mare is moving so much more freely, really stepping out. I just wondered if you could and would make a larger size? I would love it to be slightly longer, purely for cosmetic purposes. Also, i note it is washable, how do you recommend it is washed? Hand wash? Do you have any plans to make a cover for it, that could be removed for washing also?
Many thanks for your time and help.
Kind regards

Message: Just to let you know , my partner did his last 40 mile competitive endurance ride last weekend using your saddle pad.  He was absolutely delighted with its performance and the horse came in with a heart rate of 46 and an overall grade one! 
Needless to say he will continue to use the pad as he feels it really contributed to the horses comfort. Even when wet through from being sloshed with water at the halfway point there were no rubs/sores or pressure points.
A very happy customer

Message: A huge thank you for shipping the relief boots out so fast. They arrived next day and my girl Mooo is now getting some relief in her new boots. They were so easy to put on and stay on securely. I wish I had known about these before!! So much easier and cheaper than vet-wrap. Thanks again x

Message: Thank you so much for your prompt response Fiona. I am very impressed! I have ordered the relief boots just now and have put a note on the notes to seller re the 15cm issue. There are not many people in the service industry nowadays that actually not only respond quickly but try to help their clients. I so hope that you and your business are rewarded; you deserve it.

I hope you don’t mind a bit more feed back; I actually thought that the website was easy to use and looked good but an essential part was that I could not find how to ‘add to cart’ on your website and found it by chance. On the page for relief boots there was not a button for add to cart only a button for view cart. I pressed on the buy online and got the words on how to buy and thought now what and went back to the relief boot page and then back again. It was just by chance that I accidentally scrolled down the page and saw an ‘add to cart’ and realised that all of your products were there. Would it be possible to have an ‘add to cart’ on the page of the product or maybe a ‘please scroll down for all our products’ on the buy page? Thanks again. Kindest regards

Message: Hi. Just wanted to let you know I received my 'Relief Boot' this morning, my mare is walking slowly again, aiding her recovery all down to your brilliant product. Also, many thanks for the speed of processing and sending it out, much appreciated!
I shall spread the word amongst my horse friends.

Message: Hello Linda. Thank you so much for your reply to my email. I am very pleased for Gold that you are able to send me a new pair of boots. Having used them, I wouldn't want to be without them. Thank you very much. All best wishes

Message: Hi Fiona. I have just received a poultice boot in the post and am thrilled. My horse trod on something sharp out on a hack and has his third abscess in a year!! The other two were caused by him pulling off front shoes (if only I\'d known about the poultice boot then)!! After becoming an expert at poulticing, bandaging, wrapping and duct taping I am so pleased to be able to miss out the wrapping and duct taping stages. The added bonus is that he can now go into his field in the day time and keep his foot clean and dry. Thank you. Only problem is that other pony is jealous and also wants a new shoe!!

Message: Thank you so much for the tiny boots you made for me, they're great, fit well and will get a lot of use! The vet has seen my boy today and is on the mend, she was really impressed with the boots and has taken your address for future clients who may need them!

Message: I bought a pair of relief boots for my pony who was looking close to death from an acute bout of laminitis, and would like you to know that today he is sunbathing in the arena with his little boots on and is on the mend. A really useful product that actually works thank you!

Message: Hi. Thanks so much for the boots they are a great fit. A brilliant product. Solo is beginning to stand tall and move "as of old". A grateful customer. All good wishes.